"Bible in its Land" expresses my conviction that the Bible's message is embedded in its context.  This "Land Between" is a  bridge for north-south conquest and east-west trade. The Lord tailored this place specifically to be for his people a "Testing Ground of Faith" (James Monson, The Land Between, 1982; cf. .Deut 8-11). These concepts, the map work, and the methods in class and study tours come from┬áBiblical Backgrounds, Inc. whose regional approach and study materials represent 50 years of studying the Bible in its Land.

bible in its land


John Monson, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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The message of Scripture is found in its redemptive story which in turn occurred in real space and time. Biblical Backgrounds, inc., creates teaching materials through which one can learn the physical land of the Bible as well as its historical and cultural context. The events, people, and message of Scripture come to life. A range of maps and books are available and an app is under development.  See the Biblical Backgrounds website.

biblical backgrounds, inc

These are interconnected through a multidisciplinary paradigm for studying Scripture. A good summary of several writings and  an upcoming book is found in this lecture.